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Elite OPTIMUS III Backwashing Pond Filters utilize OPTIMA bio-mechanical media! Effective bio-mechanical filtration for koi ponds is dependent on the establishment of beneficial bacteria colonies on the biological media found within your pond filter. This good bacteria growing on your bio media converts dissolved toxic nitrogenous waste into harmless compounds, helping to provide optimal water quality needed for koi and other pond fish.Elite OPTIMUS III Pond Filters are the only professional grade koi pond filtration systems on the market to utilize OPTIMA bio media. This proprietary bio media provides up to 7x more surface area than other media types commonly used in competitor filters. This superior bio media type effectively removes debris from your pond while also ensuring a healthy ecosystem.OPTIMUS III Filters are by far the easiest pond filters to maintain. Backwashing your OPTIMUS filter takes only a few minutes. Powerful internal jets easily separate fish waste and other debris from the OPTIMA bio media without clumping, quickly separating waste and exporting it via the waste line.The OPTIMUS III Filter is available in 5 standard models suitable for ponds up to 10,000 gallons and was designed specifically to handle heavy fish loads. Featuring a lightweight design, OPTIMUS pond filter are also designed to handle high flow rates making them ideal for use in ponds with waterfalls.