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Koi Pond Rescue Koi Prazi

Koi Prazi is guaranteed to be the freshest and the purest praziquantel powder available on the market and a MUST-HAVE for any serious koi keeper wishing to maintain optimal koi fish health. Praziquantel, commonly known as prazi is both the safest and the most effective treatment against salt-resistant flukes, a very common koi parasite which can found during scoping in virtually any established koi pond. Koi Prazi will not stress your pond fish or set back your bio filter. In addition, Koi Prazi is an excellent treatment for tape worms in goldfish, koi and pond fish. We suggest treatments with Koi Prazi every spring to help get your pond fish off to a great season and again in the fall just before winter arrives.  Treating all new koi fish with Koi Prazi is also highly recommended to help keep opportunistic parasites in check.